How to Get Crypto Debit Cards in 2022?

Spending Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum may be easier than the real world. Some shops may accept these cryptocurrencies online but the physical stores are still far away from it. There are few reasons for that. Most retailers get worried as the cryptocurrencies keep fluctuating, blockchains are difficult to understand for a common retailer and also the transaction percentage being very low. 

All popular blockchains are striving to provide people with much easier ways to conduct their daily businesses and bring blockchain technology to the common people. So that the small retailers can use these technologies and offer digital assets to settle payments. It’s where Crypto debit cards come. These crypto debit cards are revolutionary. 

What Is a Crypto Debit Card?

The crypto debit cards are just like any other debit or credit cards. These cards allow you retailers and customers to concede routinely business transactions and use these crypto debit cards wherever they use other cards. The payments will be made through BTC, ETH, Doge or any other cryptocurrency. You need not to worry about the merchants accepting your card or not as tons of products get released in conjunction with the popular Visa and Mastercards that can be used almost anywhere in the world wherever these cards are accepted your crypto credit card will work. 

How Do Crypto Credit Cards Work?

First of all you should credit your crypto debit card with your crypto currency by using a digital payment method through the website or app you use and then do the shopping. There are many crypto debit cards that provide huge spending limits for smaller fees. 

Suppose you got your big cheesy pizza with the crypto debit card. Once the transaction has been conducted the card provider converts it into fiat currency like USD or GBP to pay the bill to the pizza outlet. Isn’t it simple and cheesy? 

How to Get A Crypto Debit Card?

Before applying for a crypto debit card, you need to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) details. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions on your part. There are different rules in different parts of the world while using crypto related products. For instance, the rules in Europe could be much different from the USA’s. These conditions differ in many cases. 

How Crypto Debit Cards Are Different From Traditional Credit/Debit Cards?

One of the reasons is, blockchains are very secure and they also offer more perks apart from charging a small fee as compared to usual cards. 

The blockchain-based crypto debit cards help you save on exchange fees that you would otherwise pay if you are travelling, especially out of the country. You can save big on crypto focused products. 

For example when you are out of your country travelling, the conversions from conventional Visa debit cards to GBP or Euros are pricey with a lot of extra fees. So with the crypto debit card the cryptocurrencies act as bridges to other fiat currencies. This way, clearly, you will be saving much on that. 

That was just one big advantage, crypto debit card offers a lot more advantages even if you are not travelling. On the other hand, traditional credit cards charge many more charges, like membership fees or hidden charges etc. So with crypto debit cards the expenses can be reduced. 

You can also use the crypto debit card for drawing money from ATMs and the products available these days work with Apple Pay, Google Pay and many others. Some of the crypto debit cards even offer airport lounge accesses, cashbacks, tons of other opportunities and it does not require a bank account to begin with. 

Virtual Cards 

There are other services which offer a virtual crypto card that you can use just like a credit card for all online purchases on tons of eCommerce websites. These virtual cards work like any other traditional virtual card you use with PayPal etc. 


There are few shortcomings despite these benefits. 

  • Some crypto debit card providing services require their customers to stake their coins in order to get rewarded afterwards. 
  • These crypto debit cards are suitable for small transactions at this point you cannot pay for a luxury car or a house, yacht etc. 
  • These cryptocurrency prices are very volatile. For instance you buy something worth $500 of Bitcoin and the price just shoots to after a few months. You wish you had not used your cryptocurrency to buy that or vice versa. 
  • When the price of Bitcoin slides down, all others’ follow suit. 


Many top-tier crypto exchanges like Binance, Blockard and CoinBase provide their own Visa debit cards depending on the conditions that may be different for different exchanges. At this point, they do not charge any fees for moving funds from your crypto wallets to cards. As the virtual payment methods like PayPal etc are venturing into crypto ecosystems, the crypto debit cards are becoming very commonplace. 

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