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Shihtzu The Memecoin Metaverse That Will Revolutionize The Virtual Word

Welcome the new Metaverse Gaming Platform by Shihtzu that aims at revolutionising the whole entertainment industry with this metaverse.  This platform has just been launched. This metaverse is all about digital assets that hold greater value than tangible assets around us. So the users tend to partake in virtual valuables and games rather than worrying about the worldly possessions around them. 

Shihtzu has visioned it that way, and the team is sure to conquer the virtual dominions with it. With a lot of modern technologies the line between virtual world and reality has thinned so much that it has become hard to consider just the items around you collectibles alone. It’s where the digital assets as well as virtual assets come in, they have far greater value to some people. 

The team believes that with Shihtzu metaverse the thin line between gaming and real-world would diminish completely so much so that if someone buys a virtual collectible/property in the metaverse, he would be seeing it everywhere he wants including the games he play and the social media. 

‘So is n’t it fantastic?’

This means that the collectibles become alive on the blockchain so that you become a lifelong owner.

So this totally breaks the boundaries and appears with the buyer everywhere he goes on the internet. 

Shihtzu and NFTs

Shihtzu has proved their worth by introducing the NFTs with a renewed facade with its STZU token.  It’s a memecoin that aims at brings more people to the fold of cryptocurrency and helping them mint NFTs and offering them fringe benefits.  What makes Shihtzu more useful than other memecoins is its ingrained use-cases. 

Like it has its own NFT minting system, Marketplace and crypto exchange. That says a lot about a memecoin that aims at revolutionizing the world with its powerful tools and help people partake in the metaverses and own them like never before. 


The team is working to launch the virtual collectibles as soon as possible which will break the limits of virtual possessions to be held like real world. 

What makes Shihtzu metaverse from the other metaverses is that, all those collectibles from its Metaverse would come with real value to the user. The user can trade them for STZU tokens whenever he wants to. However, if the gamer is not satisfied with any of the features and wants to own fiat currencies instead, he can trade his STZU for that into USD etc. 

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